What I learned watching one of the King’s final live performances

First, some context.

And other surprising things about moving from Zoom to the real world

Photo: Getty Images

I listened to popular Trap music from Russia to South Africa for strictly educational purposes. Here’s what I found.

It’s getting old.

And no, they don’t go great together.

It was a weird year.

Why I miss Crazy Frog

Photo: mariusFM77/Getty Images

Consumers are increasingly skeptical of traditional businesses and looking for alternatives to exploitative or destructive practices

Tech workers and others arrive as Amazon Employees for Climate Justice lead a walkout and rally at the company’s headquarters
Photo: Jason Redmond/AFP/Getty Images

And how writing down one learning a day became my favorite growth hack (that’s not a hack at all)

I don’t actually know this child. Thanks Unsplash!

And some reflections on my time at Uber

Gil Kazimirov

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