19 Lessons from 2019

And how writing down one learning a day became my favorite growth hack (that’s not a hack at all)

I don’t actually know this child. Thanks Unsplash!
Pictured: Osmosis… maybe? I am not sure. Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

1. Getting really bored is a great way to figure out what you want in life.

2. To maximize growth, look for the opportunities that will let you make the greatest number of high-impact decisions per unit time.

3. I sometimes avoid asking for help.

4. Others won’t get my journey.

5. A user manual is a great tool for any team leader.

6. I tend to make decisions seem way more important than they actually are.

7. Feeling uncertain is actually a good thing.

8. Take some beatings. It’ll do you good.

9. People are better at coming up with ideas alone.

10. Run from prestige.

11. I’d benefit from spending less time debating ‘should I?’ and more on ‘how can I get more data to make a better decision?’ (h/t David Fong)

12. When making a decision, fall in love twice.

13. It’s not weird or wrong to feel panic in stressful situations.

14. Look for leading indicators for failure.

15. Better to oscillate between a 2 and a 10 than be at a simmering 6.

16. Team events matter.

17. If you get a new manager, take ownership of the transition.

18. Separating time into work (weekdays) and play (weekends) is not how I want to live my life.

19. I sometimes take my mom and dad for granted.

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